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Four simple steps to placing your translation order, with or without additional proofreading, (after registering as a customer). It is not necessary to register if you simply wish to receive a quote.

  1. Select a text file, source language and target language, specialist area and your requested delivery date for the translation or translation with proofreading.
  2. Check the offer generated and place your order (Login if not logged in).
  3. Enter your details if you are paying by credit card Visa Mastercard or PayPal. This step does not apply if you are being invoiced. If you wish you can download your order confirmation here.
  4. Download your translation after the requested delivery date (or after you have received notification).

Please fill in the requested information for your translation or localisation requirements
File name (*)  translate translations localisation translation services translation agencies freelance translators languages translation german translation frenchPlease select the file to be translated from your local hard drive. The following file formats are accepted:
Word (*.doc, *.docx and *.docm)
WordPerfect (*.wpd)
RTF (*.rtf)
Text (*.txt)
Order details
Source language 
Target language 
Target country 
Specialist area   translate translations translation services translation agencies freelance translatorsPlease select a specialist area if the translation involves a specialised text.
Requ. delivery date    translate translations localisation translation services translation agenciesFill in your requested delivery date and time:
Please check whether we can meet your requested delivery deadline in the message on the following page.
Your reference   translation italien translation spanish translation translation services translation agencies freelance translatorsYour reference (optional)
Proofreading (4-eyes principle, +20%) [* OFFER.KONTROLLE *]The proofreading includes:
- A double-check by a second translator
- A review of the content, spelling and grammar

NOTE: The proofreading is not an OK to print!