How transXpro works

Translation and localisation

transXpro is an online translation site geared to processing your translation or localisation work quickly and affordably.

transXpro is not an automated translation programme

More than 40 years of experience from industry experts has been integrated into transXpro's technology. transXpro translation services are such good value because we cut out the time-consuming administrative work, such as sourcing the most suitable translator or issuing invoices, etc., all of this is done automatically. As a result, we can save on the cost of administration and that of running an office and you in turn benefit from these savings as our customer. However, we do not cut corners when it comes to recruiting our translators. We only use experienced, highly-qualified translators and proofreaders who translate from the source language into their mother tongue.

Quotes and orders

You can receive a quote for your translation or localisation work at any time, without any obligation. Only one file or individual text can be accepted per quote or order. The order is always allocated after a quote has been submitted and after you have registered with us and logged in.
Once you have registered you can set your personal preferences and view your pending and completed orders at any time. There is the option to download the order confirmation, invoice or delivery note etc.

Pricing of the translation

The scope of your uploaded file is automatically analysed: all characters/lines of the source text will be counted as a basis for the cost calculation. The total cost of the translation, will be displayed before the order is confirmed. Images, graphics and also the text within images and graphics cannot be evaluated by our automated system and so they cannot be translated. Standard line: 53 characters.
Information about PDF files: PDF files cannot be machine analysed so the cost will be calculated according to the number of lines actually translated. This means that we are unable to show you the price in the quote.

transXpro prompt

transXpro prompt is available to you for small orders. With transXpro prompt, you paste your text directly into a text field rather than uploading a file. The price for the translation will be shown directly after you have entered the text and selected the language. There are three fixed rates for different text lengths. It is possible to select several target languages per order. The translations have a limited length and are therefore also suitable for social media platforms. Our translators give transXpro prompt orders high priority and, as they are short, they can be completed very rapidly.

Secure your preferred choice of translator

At transXpro, you can evaluate the quality of every translation. If you give the translator a good review, the system will automatically assign them as your preferred choice; this means that they will be notified first. If your translator is available, they will be the one who completes your order. Your preferential rating can be inserted in the language variants and in your designated subject area.


When you place your translation order with us you will be requested for payment in advance. We accept payments by credit card (Visa, Master) or PayPal. Alternatively we can invoice business customers for their translations if they are registered in the Swiss Commercial Register.


Your translation order is processed from start to finish with encrypted data transmissions. Your credit card data will be transmitted to the payment provider in an encrypted format and will be stored there.